Human Milk Processing
All donor milk must be thoroughly thawed to ensure uniform heat treatment. Frozen milk can be transferred from the freezer to a refrigerator to allow slow thawing overnight.
Homogenizing Raw Milk
Frozen milk tends to result degenerated resulting in fat separation and protein aggregation. Homogenizing step is necessary for pretreatment of frozen and or deteriorated milk samples. It improves milk quality and test result.
Milk Analyzing
1-3 ml sample of each individual or a completed batch of raw milk use to analyzing by determines its nutrition content such as fat, protein, carbohydrate, energy and dry matter.
Thawed milk from different donors (maximum of 6 donors) are pooled in a clean flask, filled to half the container. This pooled milk will be considered as one milk batch. Milk from a donor mother is carefully transferred from milk storage containers to glass flasks.
Mixing & Stirring
Each Pool is thoroughly mixed to ensure an even distribution of milk components. Mixer bowl provides gentle oscillating motion for the bulk container and a support.
Filling Bottles
Replace manual hand filling by using dispensing system the milk is suck into the milk container by air displacement by minimizes contamination thanks to vacuum pump technology.
Pre-pasteurization Microbiologic Testing
Raw milk samples of each pooled are taken before the pasteurization process and cultured to check for bacterial growth. Contaminated milk is discarded.
Pasteurizing with the Holder Method
Milk is gently heated in a shaking water bath using the Holder Method of pasteurization. Pasteurization eliminates bacteria while retaining the majority of the milk's beneficial components.
Labeling, Freezing & Storage
Each pasteurized batch must label with batch number and date. Milk is now ready for freezing and storage. Finally milk is shipped frozen overnight to hospitals and individual recipients at home.
Test Pasteurized Milk
Regular test the pasteurized milk for microbial contamination at least once a month or every 10 cycle.
Pasteurised milk must store below freezing point to remain it’s freshness. Place bottles with pasteurized milk at the upright freezer -20°C for shield life up to 9 months. Observe FIFO!

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